Well I don’t know about you, but I have been a little cheeky and have been making the most of the sunny weather the last couple of days. The beauty of being self employed means I can do that, even if I am going to regret it and have to play mega catch up! Which I am but I have recharged my batteries and feel great!

There hasn’t been much painting going on recently, but I have got a lovely email from a competition winner, run by Lily’ Kitchen. They wanted me to paint the winner a pen and watercolor portrait, be it cat or dog. Well Charlie was the lucky winner and he got his portrait painted. Here he is, next to his mounted portrait!

Hi Sarah,

Thank you SO MUCH for the portrait of Charlie. It was fantastic coming home to unwrap it today!!
Here is a picture of Charlie with his portrait for you!
It’s really beautiful, you’re very talented!
Many thanks,
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