Wow, this portrait is fun, 20×16 inches and a lot of fur! I think this may take me a while. He is black too, which makes him a little more fiddly to get right.

He also has a tartan bow tie which is going to be an interesting challenge for me, never attempted tartan before, but I like a challenge.

I really want to get this portrait finished before the kids finish for the summer as you can imagine the distractions come in thick and fast when they are off!

Here is the progress I have made on the painting so far.


20170718_134617 20170718_162800There will be more to show tomorrow. I plan to get up early in the studio and working as it becomes far too hot by 3pm. I just hope I have enough black, blue and purple pastel for this giant sized pet portrait. When I go back to the smaller ones it will feel quite strange working so small again!

I hope you don;t get the storms we are forecast, unless you like a good storm! I don’t like my sleep being disturbed, hahaha!

Back tomorrow.