Bar a few birthday commissions I have to do I can safely say I am in the middle of my Christmas portrait commission list.

I got booked up early this year. If I can get on top of my work load I maybe able to open my order books for more pet portraits, but unfortunately as it stands now I am booked until February next year. I would really get booking now if you are thinking of gifting a pet portrait for a gift end of Feb/march time or later as slots can go very quickly. Surprisingly it is never a quiet time of year as it can be full of commissions and gift voucher portraits that have been gifted.

I have finished a portrait of a lovely dog that crossed rainbow bridge yesterday and framed and posted Jools and Jessie’s portrait today. Tonight I will be working some more on the children I have to do. I’d really like to get that done by the end of the weekend, but it maybe pushing it as I have rugby to watch Saturday afternoon. I have to take some time off and rugby always wins! World Cup next year and I can’t wait. Not that I am holding out much hope, but you never know.

I will be starting a French bulldog portrait over the weekend and possibly a horse portrait. I havent had many horse commissions this year. Mainly dog portraits and cat portraits, but I have a few lined up for Christmas so I am looking forward to doing those.

I will upload the photo of my latest commission tonight, but for now I have to persuade my dogs to go for a walk. I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but it’s been raining all day here so far and my two pooches hate the rain! They will go out long enough to do their business and then turn for home!