SLRW 070 (Stag lite)


I wrote recently here that I had varied the style of my new Rainbow Watercolour range of wild and domestic animal paintings. I’ve experimented by simply using black with varying shades and tones.

Feedback has been overwhelming to my first couple of pieces so I was delighted recently to receive my first pet portrait commission in this new unique style


Colin the commission

And here is the result, Colin the handsome mungrel mix-breed. I’m hoping  to receive  more as they are really fun and very challenging to produce. Unlike my other work in full colour, where I can be quite abstract with some freedom it cannot stretch to pet portrait commissions in this style. To be frank, well Colin needs has to clearly look exactly like Colin.

However now the first mono Rainbow Watercolour is complete I’m really looking forward to taking on more pet portrait challenges in the future.