I am digressing slightly from my tips, back to them tomorrow when I return to the studio, but this is something I feel I need to say if anyone is reading my blog.

I hear so often ‘Your work is too expensive’  ‘I never realised it would cost so much’ But it really is worth saving for and here is the reason why.
Time. An average pastel portrait of 10×8 takes me at least 12 hours to do. Some times longer.
Then there are materials. I spent weeks researching the best materials and use colours that won’t fade. If they don’t have a good lightfast rating I don’t… use them. Paper isn’t cheap and neither are the pencils. £1.50 each and they will do only a few portraits. The materials I use are included in the price of your pet portrait. Including a mount.
Skill and Experience. I have been drawing for 20 years. I have learnt my skills myself, through research, trial and error and other through other artists. Not everyone can draw or paint after all.
Also I can’t really justify charging less. You pay £45 per hour for a car mechanics labour!! A builder a £100 day perhaps for their time plus materials on top. I probably earn in the region of £5-£6 an hour. For that you get something you can treasure for life. Unique and lovingly hand created by me for you. I think that is a complete bargain.
Simply you will own a stunning piece of work that will out live you, become a family heirloom. Something that will make you smile when you see it. A talking point, a really unique piece of work. It is really worth every penny.