Pet portraits have always been my love, and I will never stop, but every now and then I love to do some wildlife art. African animals, in particular are a constant source of inspiration for me.

As some of you know I have recently picked up watercolours in an attempt to paint n a bit looser, more expressive style. The result has been very popular. I will also be delighted to do pet portraits in this style also.

I discovered you can also use watercolours on canvas by applying a special ground. There are a few choices, but I prefer Daniel Smith watercolour ground. I apply 3 coats, leave to dry for 24 hours and then your canvas is ready to go.

I have some of these paintings hanging in a gallery in Didcot, or you are more than welcome to visit me in my studio.

I usually apply a black pen to pick out certain bits of the painting, but last on my largest painting to date I didn’t. I normally um and ahhh about it, but this time I just knew it was right not to. It has also inspired me to paint more in this style.

40×16 inches on deep edge canvas

Crossing The Plain – for sale £750.00

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