Digby, is beautiful, all dogs are beautiful. He is a gorgeous labrador with a white stripe and my client has commissioned his dog portrait for her sisters birthday. I was sent a lovely selection of photos but it was stressed to me how important it was his white stripe was included in his painting. I played around with crops and this is the one we settled on. You can see how handsome he is in this and I could’t wait to get started!

Digby, photograph of a black labrador dog sitting on the grass, reference supplied for a pet portrait.

I sketched out Digby on brown Pastelmat paper, mainly because that is what came to hand first! I am note sure if you can make it out as it is really, really faint! Sometimes I wonder how I manage to see the sketch on the paper!

I often feel like I am repeating myself , but then I start re mapping out the outline with a black pencil, this is because Digby is black, well predominantly black. But if it was a white dog I would use white etc. Just because it would make it hard to cover over the line. From there I start mapping out the shapes created by the shadows and highlights falling across Digby, training to refrain from too much detail, you know I am a detail freak hahaha!

I came back to check this blog as I had a feeling I hadn’t uploaded the finished article! It was the week everything ended up going Pete Tong due to Nicola breaking her arm wasn’t it?!

Anyway I thought I should upload Digby’s finished portrait for you to see. I am really pleased with how the background turned out, an so was my client. So happy all round. Another commission well done.

Digby, labdrador pastel dog portrait. 10x8 inches with out of focus trees in the background