Today has been a productive work day with a double watercolour pet portrait. I sketched the gorgeous due out, and the little one looks like he has gremlin ears! So cute. I love dogs with crazy ears, I think it makes them look extra cute!

I had a whole group of photos to work from, but I chose one to base the portrait on as it was the best quality and they both had great poses. My client wanted a full body portrait, so that fulfilled that part of the commission too!

Below you can see the outline sketch for the portrait. I am not worried about my pencil marks showing through the watercolours as they often do as most watercolours aren’t opaque, as the pen outline covers any that stand out, conveniently!

I find it hard to pause and take progress shots of the watercolours as I quite like to work wet in wet and tend to do the dogs in one go.

However I plan to scan the finished piece in tomorrow.

I need to actually upload the images here of the portrait I have been talking about, but they are all on my phone at the moment! When I settle down in bed I will do so.

Today I delivered the framed portrait to my client and she was over the moon. So much so she wants to get her 3 dogs painted in the same style and possibly on deep edge canvas, which is so exciting. I’d love another giant canvas!

Below you can see the final scan and the finished pet portrait framed.