The weather hasn’t been that great and wondering whether I should actually go back to some painting. To be honest I don’t think the kids would appreciate it. My trouble is I am not very good and not painting. I love doing the pet portraits.

Today we are down on the coast and the sun is trying to battle the rain away. I hope it does brighten up because I can get my camera out and do a bit of photography which is one of my favourite hobbies. After photographing pets and animals I love get some nice photos of the kids. Maybe one day I will even do their portraits.

I have commissioned another artist to do their portrait and I have to say it is amazing by an amazingly talented artist. I’d certainly recommend Ben Holmes to anyone.

I’d love one day when I can afford it to get my cat Murray and dog Luke painted. I don’t really think I could do it myself, as odd as that sounds.

Anyway still waiting for the weather to brighten!

I shall be back soon!