I have to say, some days I find it really hard to motivate myself. I have had a really lovely weekend with some fabulous friends and miserable Mondays are really not the way to start the week after such a great weekend.

We sat around the fire pit until the small hours of Friday, Saturday we went to the pub and Sunday the same. Next weekend will be great as Friday will probably be the same, Saturday I am going to my brothers house and Sunday Brick Lane and Spittlefields Market. I am already excited. Better try and get my focus this week so I can have another weekend off!

I had to cancel my photography session today due to the weather. I had to postpone it Friday as well. A real shame as I love photography. It is a boxer dog and my client had a Gift Voucher bought for her.

I have started a Staffie dog portrait today and I am also sketching out my eventing horse portrait now I have stock of paper again.

I use pastelmat for my pet portraits. It really grabs the pastel and gives a nice soft feel to the portraits. I used to use Fisher 400 paper which is a sanded paper. I do love it, but it eats through the pencils at a rate of knots and it also tends to shed the pastel a bit more, making it harder to ship unframed pet portraits due the potential pastel loss.

I have packaged up a few bits I have sold off Etsy and my mug competition winner’s mug, so it is off to the post office shortly and to get some logs! Not willing to let the fire go just yet!