It’s really been a long slog this bug.. I have been doing a lot of thinking about pet portraits but the mid has been willing and the flesh week.

However tomorrow I really have to get back to it. I have never let a client down and I don’t plan to now. I really need to get my schedule up to date first and organise what pet portraits are what. I know I am feeling better as I am really starting to miss my painting.

I have a bit of framing to do also and being that the kids are on holiday from tomorrow time for portraits will be a little more restricted. My not so little girl is starting secondary school in 6 weeks and I know she is going to grow up so much from now and I really want to enjoy this summer with her.

I have a real mix of dog portraits, cat portraits and horse portraits and also some watercolour gift cards to design. Tomorrow no doubt the puppy will be up early so I can crack out those Pastels and create some dusty art again. I have missex them.

The Dr has no idea what the bug was, just a virus they said. Normally means they don’t have a clue. I am just so grateful I feel so much better.

Sarah x