Is not so great for the person who doesn’t really like chocolate. OK that isn’t strictly true, but I don’t like Easter egg chocolate much. I don’t even have a particularly sweet tooth. I did however treat myself to some orange chocolate. That is my big weakness, that and gold bars and shortbread!

Anyway I have been in the studio finishing off Miss Maple’s portrait She is 99% done. Just the finishing touches to be done over the next day o so. Here is the time lapse of some ofthe last couple of hours work. I have changed the time-lapse app to take a photo every 6 seconds. I prefer the one every second because it captures more, but the videos are huge so I can only capture short snippets. This way I can capture more of the progress. I think I will do a mix. This way I can see me being able to film a whole portrait. I may have to change it to every 12 seconds, but we will see.

I also did some more work on Jerry today, I hope to get him finished tomorrow/Sunday. The I am back to the dog portraits. Hoping I get a horse portrait soon. I haven’t had one since last year. So if you are thinking about getting one, make y day and drop me an email. I love doing horse portraits!