I am back and to match the downer of having to come home the weather is pretty miserable too! At least I know returning to work I am not missing any sunshine.

I had a really amazing surprise when I got home, my lovely friend who came to feed my pets and cleaned my house top to bottom! I am not the tidiest person, coupled with working long hours, disabled husband and two children housework is often last on the list. It really has helped me out as I could crack straight back on with Henry’s portrait today. I have made good progress, but I have to say he has been one of my more challenging pet portraits. The photos aren’t the best and he has very complicated fur to paint. I have to say my eyes are glad of the break now as I down pencils! I am also referring between a few photos, so tomorrow I will be looking at the others to make sure I have got all the details in.

Next up it will be Beck’s portrait. I think I showed you sketch to before I went away. I also have a Husky portrait to do this week. The kids go back to school tomorrow, and as much as I will miss them like mad, it does make my working day a little easier as I can concentrate.

Any here is the progress on Henry’s portrait. Sorry it’s a bad photo, just a phone snap and it is really gloomy here in Kent!


I will be back tomorrow with more updates on Henry and any other work I achieve!