Family matters, family has to come first. My husband had to go in for an operation last week, so juggling looking after him, the kids and work has beem fun. However I have manged not to slip to far behind.

I am just going to do a little recap of what I have been up to.

I finished a pen and water colour portrait of Buddy and he will be off to Canada soon. Here he is in the pen stage and then with the watercolour added. I like the pen only portraits and I am thinking of offering the on my commission list. Do let me know if you want me to quote you.

My portrait of Zachary, Nathaniel and Finn the dog was collected on Saturday. It was quite amusing as he had the children and the buggy with him and it was quite the mission to get it to fit in his car. We thought we may have to leave a child behind….. joking of course. After a good 20 minutes and juggling and rearranging we needed up putting the buggy on the back seat next to Zachary and the portrait in the boot. I can’t wait to share it properly on her tomorrow. It is a 30th birthday gift and his wife will be getting it tomorrow.

I have also started a Gsd portrait – did I memtion that in my last blog? And a cat portrait.

I also will be packing up Tilly’s portrait to go to my client before the bank holiday weekend. Phew its been manic and won’t be stopping yet!


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