I have had some unusual names for the dog portraits I have painted, but I love this one! Filou, I am sure that is how you spell the pastry isn’t it?

This painting is a very large dog portrait in the new Jolly Splashes style. 20×20 inches and the frame for his portrait should be here this week. This size would look amazing on deep edge canvas – I have an akita to do on 30×30 inch canvas. That will probably be about the same size of Filou’s portrait once it is framed. I can’t wait to see him framed, there is nothing like seeing them in the gorgeous white frame I use. It seems to add to the paintings so well, making the colours much more vibrant and saturated.

I started with a mini painting of Filou’s portrait just make sure I was happy with the colour combination etc. It’s all very well starting a small pet portrait again, but not something this size at 20×20 inches, or even worse on canvas!

Even then it doesn’t mean it will translate fantastically, due to the nature of watercolours, however I think, luckily in Filou’s portrait it went well, with some really nice parts or bits where the watercolours blended and flowed together. Sometimes it seems a shame to cover them with the pen, but I do try as much as I can to leave these areas showing

Below you can see the start of Filou’s portrait and the colour going down.

I decided to use some of the masking fluid on Filou’s portrait. I don’t on the smaller ones always, but on the larger ones I find it easier to block out a lot of the bits I want to stay white. I think it can be harder to judge correctly white areas on a larger scale. I suspect as I get used to working on a much larger scale it will happen. I am pleased I did with Filou’s portrait as he had some definite roan areas in his fur that these have helped depict in a fashion. Obviously a lot is meant to be left to the imagination with these watercolour pet portraits. That is the beauty of them I think.

I framed Filou today, after his frame arrived yesterday. He looks great in the frame, or maybe not quite so as it looks like he might leap right out! I love the movement in his portrait

I managed to get an OK photo of the framed portrait which was tricky as it is so large. Here you go you can see him perched on my chair for his photoshoot!

Filou, dog portrait in watercolour.

His portrait measures 20×20 inches and its not surprising I wrenched my shoulder trying to lug his frame in through the front door yesterday! I have been busy with more watercolour pet portraits. Can’t wait to get them scanned in to show you. It is back to the pastel pet portraits for a while now for the next week or so.

My husband very kindly drove to Essex to deliver Filou, did I tell you it means Rascal in French?! I love it. I love unusual names, says she with two dogs called Maggie and Luke!

My husband delivered the portrait to my client on Saturday. We can deliver if within a reasonable distance, my husband is happy to drive roughly an hour away. It made it easier on me as having twisted my shoulder which is still sore, so rather than having to put it in a huge box and twist and drag it to the post office I could just wrap it and pop it in my husbands car! I still had to wrap it well as it was a gift and he wanted to disguise it from his wife.

You can read my clients delighted testimonial over on the Client Quotes page

Below you can see the lovely photos my client has sent me of Filou’s portrait hanging in their home.