Most of my pet portrait commissions come via my website so I have to rely on my clients photographs to work from. Sometimes they can be a bit tricky especially if one is a bridge baby.

No such problem with the gorgeous Plum. I got to meet her myself and get my own photos for her painting. I always love to meet the animals if I can. I just feel it helps me get to know their character and I think it shows as the paintings seem to come together so well.

This was the case with Plum’s and she was so much fun to paint. Her owner is delighted and we a just waiting on the frame so we can get her portrait framed up. It really finishes off the painting and I love seeing them framed.

I think I might do a blog post on getting good photos for your pet portrait. I do have a section in my website, but I have picked up some more tips as I have taken more photos.

In the mean time please meet Plum!

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I got a lovely testimonial from Plum’s Mum regarding here pet portrait. You an read it here