It’s been a hectic week getting ready for my week off! I feel shattered. I have packed up and sent out my last painting today and sent a selection of prints to Made In Kent. I have had a lot of interest in Lawsey over there which is great. One lady even want to buy the original, but unfortunately the original has sold. I have given her some information on some of my other originals and also given her information on commissioning me.

I have prepped 3 pet portraits to start upon my return. September is going to be a busy month for me which is great. I have also taken two more pet portrait bookings for Christmas, so I think it will be a busy few months, so I think this week off will be well earnt

Below is the sketch of Beck. This portrait will be going to America when finished. I have also sketched out Vespa another horse portrait to start when I get back20170825_124003I have also started Henry’s portrait. I have difficult photos to work from and Henry is a bridge baby so I am doing the best I can with what I have! Hopefully I can do him justice. It’s a bit of a poor phone photo but hopefully you can see how he is coming along.

20170824_134205I am now going to collapse for the week!

Happy Bank holiday weekend everyone!