Sometimes when I get a chance I like to sit down in the evenings and get out the watercolours and have a play. It makes a refreshing change to use a different medium and have a break from pet portraits.

I love painting pets in pastels, but if I spend too long at it I can get stale, so a change is as good as a rest.

It’s been a long time since I have had a real play and I am feeling quite rusty. I can’t decide whether I like this Flamingo or not. I shall have a mother look in the morning.  I feel like he might need some more colour in the top left. Just a hint. Maybe. Thought are welcome. I really need to play with them some more. I feel like I have lost some confidence with them. Or perhaps I am over thinking the watercolours a bit. I seemed to be more confident in experimenting with them which created some lovely results. Now I feel I maybe trying to control them too much, which doesn’t work. Not with this style anyway. 


I am going to scan this little painting as soon as possible, but I have some more ideas, so I might build up a collection before I haul myself up 2 flights of stairs and start the dinosaur of a desktop!

The flamingo was painted yesterday and inspired by my success. I felt better about him in the morning I decided to try a stag. I wanted to stick with some autumnal colours since it is the season! 

It’s funny really I am never happy with the painting until the black outline goes on. It somehow seems to complete the portrait/painting.

Tomorrow I really need to focus back on the pet portraits, but when I have time I might paint a dog in this style. It’s mainly wildlife I paint, but as I said before I want to offer these as commissions. I don’t get many enquiries for them and I think that will change if I get more examples of pet portraits in watercolours in my galleries. 

Anyway here is the magnifecnt beast. What do you think?

I can’t wait to see the flamingo and stag in their frames and I think I may release prints. More original watercolours can be found in my gallery. I also of pet portraits in this style too. Please contact me for more information.