I’m really amazed how well my limited edition prints are selling and enquires seem to have rocketed since I published images of my work ‘framed’.

It is very interesting but I’ve noticed that people react to my pieces differently when they see them in the frame. And that, of course is the point of framing – well, in fact, there are two. The frame contains the painting in a neat border and makes it fit with the home and and office design and decor. But it also really focuses the eye clearly on to the subject, almost like looking through a telescope, cutting out the brain’s distracting peripheral view.

I think this is borne out by customers, who have seen the framed work I’ve posted onlin, now buying, not just one, but two and three so they have a complimentary series adorning their walls.

One has just commissioned me to create a bespoke painting to compliment my recent picture of ‘Amber’ the beautiful fox. So remember if you have an idea you’d like to discuss get in touch with me for an obligation free chat.