Have been crazy busy the last few days. I have framed three portraits and started two more pet portraits the last two days. Orders are rolling in for the New Year too. So please don’t delay if you want to order a portrait otherwise you may miss out.

Today I sketched a beautiful dog portrait, his name is Rusty and he needs to be finished by the 10th of November so it is going to be quite tight as it is a large and rather complicated portrait due to his furriness – is that even a word?

I framed the horse portrait and posted him along with Vespa’s portrait today. Two large boxes lugged down to the post office, and it is only a tiny village post office at that, so it gets a bit cramped when I turn up with more than one pet portrait for posting.

My friend Lu, also came round to dye my hair back to it’s usual pink after having a hair cut whilst away next week.

I will post some photos tomorrow, but I am off out for a well deserved drink soon as I have stayed in and worked hard all this week, and everyone deserves a break!