I am slowly feeling better and my hands are steadier than earlier in the week which is essential when doing pet portraits, you wouldn’t want a scribble after all!

I have had some tweaks to make on the cat portrait, which is fine, just waiting to hear back now. I have also been working on the double portrait of Abby and Pink sitting on the beach.

I have started a double boxer pen and watercolour portrait also. So not bad all things considered.

I have emailed all my clients and they have all been understanding which I really appreciate, I don’t think you realise what an effect things like that can cause you until you are involved. So thank you everyone for your understanding

Here are some progress shot of the double dog portrait and and the very nearly completed image. Just waiting to here back from my client. I love doing beach scenes.

And the nearly finished article!

I also received some lovely feed back on a beautiful border terrier’s portrait I painted a while back. His name is Elvis and he is such a cutie! To read the testamonial pop over here

Have a great weekend everyone.