So I am delighted to say that my client was over the moon with his portrait of his two children. What a relief! Yes I still get nerves hand over pet portraits and even more so one’s of the human variety.

Here is the quote from my client upon opening it when he got home. It was well wrapped up in bubble wrap when I delivered it to him and I was never satisfied with photos with it I sent him

“Hello Sarah, to say I’m pleased with the drawing is an understatement. Thank you so much”

Here is about the best the photo I have it. I think I shared it yesterday but I will share it again!


I started a French bulldog portrait today. A lovely boy called Oakley. Handsome boy indeed. He is wearing a cute Christmas bow tie. I can’t wait to do that. 

I love it when I get to do different breeds and I haven’t done a French bulldog for a long time. I am also in the process of sketching out two horse portraits. I amnexcited to say the least to do these. It has been far too long since I painted a horse!

Before I ramble I will post the progress photo of Oakley’s painting.

I also received a set of prints to go to West Kent mind next week. They are mainly of my watercolour paintings. I really must do some more soon. Its been far too long since I have done one apart from the gift I did the other week.

The prints include my most popluar so long print. Lawsey. Lawsey is a gorgeous giraffe. I love giraffes their eyes are so expressive. Like cows eyes. They are gorgeous. I like to take certain features and exaggerate them to give them quirky characters.

Here at some of them that are going to Mind. 



Dancing On Ice 


Bath Time. I think this elephant is so cute fir children’s nursery’s


I will start going through the list of prints I have available soon. 

Back to it early tomorrow before my nordic walking and hair cut!