Well we all survived Christmas – two weeks of kids squabbling over the Playstation and tablets and balancing work with entertaining them when there were decent windows in the unusual December weather. I think my husband is rather frazzled and didn’t shed any tears when he dropped them off for first day back at school.

As I mentioned in previous posts the work has been flowing in over Christmas and I’m already fully booked until the end of April. I’m hoping the experience he’s built up over the school hols has prepared him for a lot more child minding through to the Spring!

I’m off to the Mall Galleries in London this weekend to deliver my paintings ‘Deadly Intent’ and ‘Lines of Love’ and hope that one or both will be selected for The Pastel Society’s Annual Exhibition. They passed the initial selection process in November and fingers crossed they make it to the gallery’s walls for the exhibition in late February/early March. Watch this space but hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained and proud to have got this far.

Sarah Leigh 



Lines of love