As most of you know I work mostly in pastels for my pet portraits. I have doe for the last 10 years. I discovered them a little after my daughter was born. I can’t believe I have a nearly 11 year old!

I do offer other mediums to pen and watercolor and graphite. I don’t get many graphite commissions, but I have one now! I love the change and thnk about how to get the best out of a medium I don’t use regularly.

The subject of this pet portrait is a husky. I have been working on him all day and I think you will agree he is a handsome boy. I have made good progress and will be adding the finishing touches with fresh eyes tomorrow. I need to work some more on Henry’s portrait too as I finding him quite a challenge and decided a break from him today was a good idea.

Becks portrait I hope to start on Thursday and I will painting him in front of some glorious autumnal colours. I love Autumn, it is one of my favourite seasons and it’s creeping up gradually! Nearly my fire season. Yay!

Here you can see the progress made on the husky portrait.


I don’t think he needs much more fiddling now, maybe a little more the background but not much.

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