Over the last two days I have been working on Cub, the cockerpoo puppy He is soooooo cute. My client wanted Cub on grass as originally he was just on a boring rug and we both thought grass would be nicer.

Rosie was on grass, lots of it and it was a really long progress to get the depth needed to make it look real. You can see Rosie’s pet portrait here.

Next up is Taz, and again this lovely little Shih tzu was sitting on a rug so we decided to place him on some grass. I love every bit of my pet portraits, but I will look forward to a break from grass when Taz is finished.

Cub is an 11×9 inch portrait and he is just going to be mounted as opposed to framed. When I get the approval I will mount and post him off.

Here you can see his finished portrait.dog portrait, dog portraits, pet portraits, pet portrait, pet painting, pet paintings, pet artists