I hope you have all been enjoying the sunny warm weather and thunderstorms! We certainly have had some impressive storms in Kent over the last few days. They really upset my dog Luke sadly, so Saturday into Sunday was a particularly tiring night in the Brookes household (my married name).

However I have managed to get plenty of work done. I am nearly finished with a double dog portrait of a border collie and black labrador.

I finished the handsome Max’s portrait and a cat portrait.

Max is so handsome don’t you think? Dog portraits, dog portrait, pet portrait, pet portraits, animal artist, pet painting, pet paintings I have also been preparing a blog on framing if any other artists or clients are interested on how I do it to ensure the art work is best protected and ensures a long life hanging on your wall. Believe it or not framing your pet portrait correctly is as important as the pet portrait itself. Please keep your eyes peeled for the blog soon.