Meet my latest pet portrait – George from Derbyshire. This great little Cocker Spaniel is a treat to work with. I just love it when I am commissioned to a paint a dog portrait when it is a puppy.

George - cocker spaniel puppy

George – cocker spaniel puppy

We all know puppies are a challenge to rear but George was a particular challenge. This pet portrait commission was for the client’s daughter – a surprise birthday present sometime this month. However the best picture they had of George had the daughter holding him.

So there were hands in the picture which I had to try and remove and replace with his coat and a grassy background to create this dog portrait to my standards.

Basically I can work with most images sent to me by clients. I’ll say if the image just won’t work and they’ll take some better ones following my advice on taking the best picture.

However, often with pet portrait commissions the beloved pets have passed on so I often have to work with what I’ve got but so far I’ve never had to let a client down.