This gorgeous boys pet portrait is going to be a challenge, lot’s of curly fur on a very small size painting. Funnily enough it would be easier to get the detail in on a larger portrait. I won’t let it beat me though. Lots of sharpening of the pencils for this one!


Unfortunately somebody after a year has reported my studio I had built to the council and they look like they want to investigate. Despite my builder being confident he is i within all the rules I am very worried. It is my sanctuary and has enable my daughter to have her own room. Something I have worked towards for 13 years and having a disabled husband and young children I can’t work away or afford the rent. It only takes one thing to be off and I could have to pull it down and no idea what I will do. I feel very low about this right now.

I don’t normally make my blogs depressing, but I guess I need to get it off my chest. I think I shall be feeling sick now until the inspection is done. I have no idea where I will work or store all my pastels and artwork so it is a very worrying time for me.

Please keep all you fingers and toes crossed for me.Ending on a good note my client’s Mum was over the moon with her dog portrait of Taz

You can read about how I completed the grass on this portrait here and the testimonial here