It’s been ages since I have had some proper watercolour fun. Despite having a disaster and managing to make my masking fluid tube explode it hasn’t stopped me. Oh you should have seen the carnage. Yes it was blocked and I decided to stamp on it to unblock it. What a bad idea. Masking fluid all over the furniture of our holiday cottage. Luckily a good scrub and I managed to get it off!

I like the difference between paintings used with masking fluid and ones with not. With makes the edges cleaner and harder, whereas without, the watercolours don’t meet an resistance and flow and mix and are allowed to take on a mind of their own, creating two different styles. I do like to make sure there is white in all the watercolour paintings I do. By white I mean the white of the paper. It makes them much more vibrant somehow.

I have been asked to paint 2 large canvasses, but as with Prince’s dog portrait I decided to do some mini paintings. One I used some gold leaf on. Not sure which I prefer. Let me know what you think.

Here are the two which don’t have gold leaf. I like the gold leaf, but I think I added a bit too much on the first, so I need to experiment a bit.

I was asked to use a limited palette by my client and now I am just waiting to hear what she thinks when I return and then I can get cracking on the big canvasses and more crawling around on the kitchen floor!

Here is my latest watercolour painting. I love the big cats as you know and I have been formulating this piece in m mind for a while. Just looking for titles now! Prints will be released soon for anyone who is interested.

20171025_101555I tried to keep the colours truer to life. As much as I love rainbow it is nice to do something a little more realistic.

Now back to the pet portrait commissions!