I don’t know about you but I find it hard to sleep in this weather. It certainly gives me more time to work on all the lovely pet portraits I have lined up.

I am getting pretty full for the next couple of months, so if you are interested in gifting a pet portrait then please don’t wait, as I hate to say it I will be getting bookings for Christmas!

I have framed Inge’s portrait and will be packing that up.tomorrow ready to post. All my pet portraits are posted 24 hour parcelforce or royal mail special delivery so you can rest assured they will arrive quickly and safely.

I have started Baileys portrait today and I will be working on a double lab portrait this week. I have a couple of gift voucher portraits to be getting on with soon so it’s all go at Sarah’s pet portraits.

Off topic I have been working on little Maggies recall today and I think she is doing great. Her she is in the field staring in the direction of a pheasant call! Isn’t she dear!

I also took this photo of her.


Shame about the lead. Maybe when I get a chance I will photoshop it out. I would love to paint her portrait at some point when I get a good photo of her. Maybe I will make my first tutorial on her. Yes you heard right I am going into tutorials. I will tell you more tomorrow. It.will be for wildlife and pet portraits.

More tomorrow!