I have been soooooo looking forward to painting this handsome boy. I love British Bulldogs and would you believe I haven’t painted one yet in my 15 year career! Finally now I do and what a handsome boy he is.

My client sent me a lovely set of photos to work from and she was able to pick her favourite which we cropped down to a square composition. Not only did it suit the reference photo but it suits the breed. They are a very squarely built sort of dog if that makes sense!

I am sorry I have been so slow in updating this blog! I am now writing about Henry’s portrait retrospectively as he is all finished and my client has given approval for me to sign and get ready to post! I had barely any sleep the last few nights for one reason or another and I have just been plodding on with the work rather than doing blogs etc! So apologies.

I am absolutely delighted with how he has turned out for my first bulldog portrait and with being such a handsome fella and a great support to his owner through her cancer treatment I know how much this portrait means to my client. Ultimately it is my goal to make sure you get the pet portrait you want and can treasure for life, the pet portrait that captures the personality and soul of your dog or any other pet you love.

Here is the handsome Henry and a few stage by stage photos of his pet portrait. I opted for my favourite colour background again for his portrait and it works a treat! I would love to know what you think and please don’t hesitate to contact me for your pet portrait!

British Bulldog portrait in pastels, 11x11 inches with a darkish purple background

These are the progress shots of the progress of this gorgeous dog portrait

Now on to the next pet portraits, I have a beautiful horse called Rohan to paint and also a couple of dog portraits I will be starting this week, one is a double labrador portrait! Lot’s of fun commissions coming up!