So it was back to school for the kids today and I got a really early start in the studio.

I managed to finish my horse portrait, bar any amendments from the client and start a triple dog portrait. I would really like to get this and another dog portrait finished this week. Or at least the second dog portrait started, that will enable me to crack on with some smaller pet portraits  have next week.

I am doubtful I can squeeze in anymore pet portraits in for Christmas, but if I do manage to get ahead I often get some last minute enquiries, so we shall see.

Here is the progress I made on the dog portrait. It s quite a large painting, measuring 13.5×13.5 inches.

20171030_144943And here is the completed horse portrait, which I will be emailing to my client tomorrow after I have given it the once over with fresh eyes in the morning and have made sure I am completely happy with it.

horse portrait, horse portraits, equine art, equine artistAnother full day in the studio tomorrow for me. Apart from getting my hair dyed pink again! Yay. I had a cut whilst on holiday as it was driving me mad and I lost most of the pink, so I can’t wait to return to my crazy colour!