I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday as I had a day off.  Today it was back in the studio and concentrating on the horse portraits. 

I have been working on a mock for a large horse commission for which I took the photographs for back at the beginning of October. Their names are Khan and Darwin, one is a chesnut and the other is a bay. My client was after a very specific look, but they didn’t want to play ball! After a long couple of hours we decided we had got the shots we were looking for and I went home and downloaded and edited them.

I selected some of the best according to her brief and these were the favourites

After my client had selected her favourite two I put them together in photoshop for her to see what she thinks. 


From here she wants me to place some min sketches around the main portraits. She has selected a collection of photos of her competing and so on. When she is happy with the layout I will decide on a colour background and the final dimensions. The painting will be going on the wall above her fire place so it will be a big centre piece so I need to get it spot on for her. I have previously painted her dog Poppy and her daughters dog Plum.

I have started the bay horse portrait I have been so looking forward to doing and have made good progress today. I have taken a progress photo and will upload it when I get a chance as I took it on my phone.

The cocker spaniel portrait I am working on of Millie has also been started and my client wants me to do time lapse of the portrait which is great as it will get me motivated to start those again. Tomorrow I need to have a good tidy up in my studio so I can get that started for him. I will of course share on her with you.

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