I am taking 5 days off so I have been winding down from the pet portraits a little today. My kids are on half term so I want to spend some quality time with them and recharge my batteries.

It has been rather hot today which has slowed down the working process, not that I am complaining!

I started a Gordon Setter dog portrait and a horse portrait, just to show my clients their paintings are underway. I have quite a few to be getting on with after my rest, but I am really looking forward to taking some down time.

I know I will be raring to go when I have had my break but it does do you good to have a rest. Maybe if the weather holds we will go to the beach, do lots of dog walks and generally chill out.

I going to start a WIP (work in progress) of the Gordon setter portrait for anyone who wants any hints or tips on pastel painting. I will try and get the first one up tomorrow.

Look out for that!!

I will try and do the odd blog while I am having a break, but I won’t make any promises.

Catch up with you soon!