How is everyone enjoying the hot weather? I don’t mind it, but I find it fruatrating I can’t get the dogs out. Particularly Maggie as she is a puppy I have to be so careful she doesn’t over heat. Plus the pavements are so hot it’s not nice for their paws to be on the hot concrete.

Luke and I did manage to get out for a walk around the fields this evening and then Leo and I took Maggie out for a bit of recall training. 

I have been working on a beautiful miniature schnauzer called Inge this weekend. As with many of my pet portraits I changed the background for my client, this time it was just to blur the grass in the background so she stood out.

I didn’t only use greys in her coat, I added purples and blues and pinks to really add depth and richness to the portrait. Photos never really bring out these subtle details.

I finished up JD’s portrait and framed him too. It was for my neighbour so a quick exchange and a good 30 minute natter followed. I am annoyed with myself as I forgot to take a photo of his portrait. Sally has promised she wi get a photo when she hands it over to her sister.

In the meantime her is Inge’s portrait.. Isn’t she gorgeous!

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