I put the finishing touches to the Husky portrait today. Well I think he is done. Just waiting to hear back from my client. I really love graphite as a medium and would love to use it more. When I get some spare time I will try, but that is a rare thing!


He certainly is a handsome dog and I am pleased with his portrait.

I started work on Beck’s portrait today. I am always itching to get the detail, but I really should do the background first, it is easier so I forced myself to go to the background after making a start on his eyes. My client want a fall orientated background, but rather than making it too busy and detracting from his lovely face I did a soft background of oranges and reds. I think it works quite nicely and will pick out his eye and fur colouring.

20170906_102624Here you can see where I have made a start on his face. I know I work in a bit of a random manner! That is why I am never sure I could teach!


Here I have forced myself to do the background and have returned to the fur on his neck. A bit more done on his eyes and I think that will be it for today. I might do some more, byt I need to measure up for some frames and other bits and bobs so we shall see.

Sarah x