I have sketched out a boxer dog commission ready to start tomorrow, this was a gift voucher gift.

I had some adjustments to make to Inca, I have made her a little darker as they were worried she look more like a brown flatcoat retriever than a black, due to the sun reflecting off her coat. I have now done that and they are happy with the portrait. It was tricky to get the balance of the sunlight and still making sure she looked black!

Here is a photo of the revised portraitIMG_6796As you can see my previous version was much closer to the photopet portrait, pet portraits, dog portrait, dog portraits, pet artist, pet art, pet paintings, pet painting, dog painting, dog paintingscropBut I totally understood my clients wishes and that is the beauty of getting a pet portrait. You don’t have to create an exact replica of the photo. I am really pleased with Inca’s portrait and can’t wait to be able to share!