……is not much I am afraid. Flu got me and put me to bed for a week pretty much. I am up and about but still not drawing or painting at full speed.

I wanted to talk about, was it mark making with your pencil? It has been so long I need to refresh my memory. I have taken some photos but I can’t find them now. Typical. It is pretty simple really and I can give you an idea without photos, until I get a chance to take some more.

I always work with a sharp pencil so that gives you two edges to work with, or marks you can make. The tip or point is used for fine details, fur, whiskers, finishing touches. The side of the pencil is used for broader strokes or thicker marks. If you wanted to fill in a larger area maybe. Doing an under layer of pastel you plan to put finer details over later.

Pressure also makes a difference. Harder you press the darker and thicker your marks will be, softer will be finer.

Most of all don’t be afraid to experiment!

Take care,