I have been a bit quiet due to a few things.

Firstly my website is needing to be updated. Google is a bit of a slippery customer when it comes keeping your website high in the rankings. At the moment with two small children it is the main way I get seen and earn commissions for my pet portraits. I am in for a bit of a slide down because my site is not mobile friendly. Panic set in and now I am having to change it. Well I’m not, I am website challenged! Bring in my super talented web guys. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks my website will become mobile friendly and all the people searching pet portraits will be sent my way!

I have also been trying to think of a way to encourage people to commission me. I am running a special offer for livery yards, dog clubs and similar. It is based around multiple bookings, the more bookings the bigger discount you will get. I will pop up details tomorrow or the next day for you to read and consider.

In the mean time here is my latest horse commission:

alice small