These delightful modern pet portraits are a little quicker to do than my pastel pet portraits, mainly because I like to get the watercolour part done in one go before it dries, or most of it anyway, then I have to wait for it to completely dry before I add the pen and then possibly pick out some highlights with white acrylic paint. I don’t always do this last stage. It depends on what I think.

I work on these pet paintings in the evening mostly. I find I need to be in a different mindset, and that seems to be an evening one. I have no idea why, but it does. The larger one on deep edge canvas have to be done during the day. You can watch a video of one of these in progress here.

The latest one finished is a great dane. It has been a while since I have painted a great dane in either as a pastel portrait and never in watercolours!

I just realised I never came back to this blog post. Below is the beautiful Great Dane portrait I completed a couple of weeks back. I love the blues in this gorgeous dog portrait. I have another three dog portraits to do for this client and plan to make a start next week for her. They are all 6×6 inches and are in my Jolly Splashes style. Don’t forget this style pet portrait painting starts from £35.00 only!

Jolly splashes watercolour pet portrait. measuring 6x6 inches in purples and blues
Jolly Splashes watercolour dog portrait of a Great Dane.

Below is the latest Jolly Splashes portrait hot off the easel. This is the gorgeous Dingo. My client liked the colours in Bella’s portrait, but also something that reflected Dingo’s colouring. As Dingo overall is a darker dog I kept to Bella’s colours, but darker! I am really delighted with the result and so is my client. She will be off in the post next week!

Springer spaniel dog portrait in watercolours. Painted in Purples, magenta's oranges and outlined in pen. Modern pet portrait