I’m delighted that my recent watercolour painting of these beautiful African elephants I called ‘Little Runaway’ have sold! And what’s more they’ve gone to my good friend from her best friend as a surprise 40th birthday present. That’s why I’m so delighted!

They’re part of my new Rainbow Watercolour range of wild and domestic animals I do as well as my pet portraits. And it’s quite a juggle with children, school runs and running a house I can assure you.

So what tends to happen is I start on my pet portraits straight after the morning school run and carry on through the day and each side of pick up, tea and homework. Once everyone’s settled I then get to my large watercolours and can often paint for the next four to five hours before climbing into bed.

There’s lots more coming on my watercolour line including some beautiful flamingos, cows and wildebeest. You’ll see them first on my Facebook page which you can put in your favourites if you want to follow me or connect with me for alerts.