Lottie’s portrait is nearly finished. I love chocolate lab portraits. All my pet portraits use a wide range of colours, but I have noticed they are expanding and I am getting more experimental with the colours I use.

I have noticed it adds richness and more depth to all my pet portraits.

For example the two dog portraits I am working on currently have a a wider range of purples and plum colours which really enhance the burnt seinnas and chocolates in the portraits. I don’t know of you can see it well, but in Lottie’s portrait I have use Plums, purples, indigos and lilacs. I have used a cool background to pick out theses colours and bring the warmth of the browns forward.









I haven’t got a photo of the background yet, but when I do you can really see it makes the colours look even richer….. I hope!

I have a brand new phone so I can’t wait to set up filming the pet portraits again.