Managed to get a full day in the studio today, and hoping for another productive day tomorrow. I fiddled a bit more on Maggie’s portrait, but my main focus was Rusty. This portrait needs to be completed and delivered b the the 10th so I need to make sure he is finished and my client is happy by the end of the weekend.

Luckily I made really good progress, and tomorrow it will be mostly adding the finishing touches and getting a good photo/scan.

I need to also get the triple dog prortait finished and sent next week, so I think it will be a working weekend.

20171101_170039 20171102_161807I had to lighten Rusty and cross reference between a few photos to get his colouring right as he was a little dark in the photo my client wanted me to use.

I need to work on his collar too.

His portrait is 14×11 inches and will be going in a love dark wood frame. Can’t wait to see him framed!