I think I am finally making headway with the portrait commissions for Christmas, gradually ticking more of the list, maybe I might even be able to squeeze a last minute one all being well, but we will have to see as having small children you never know what nasties they might bring back from school! We normally get one horrid bug at least!

I got the approval on the last two portraits completed so that is good news, I can get them mounted and framed tomorrow One was a chocolate lab portrait and the other was the cocker spaniel, Mac.

I need to order some frames for the up and coming commissions and also need to order the frames for my New Year work as my suppliers close down for the Christmas period and I need to get started with them asap as most of them are due early to mid Jan. Writing this also helps me to remind myself that I need to do it!

So that will be my job for tomorrow, checking what people want and making the order.

I would also like to finish up the two watercolour paintings I started today and working out a mock for a cat portrait. Now I am going to have a deserved glass of wine and prep for my day tomorrow!