I finally set up my camera for doing some time lapses of my pet portraits again. My phone camera seemed to cut some videos short and I don’t know why. Maybe it was the battery running low, so some clips seem to have been cut short. I also played around with adding some text to the end of the video and a bad photo of Millies portrait!

It’s not the neatest edited video but I do like the app and it seems to be able to do quite a bit. I certainly haven’t explored all its potential yet.


I really feel there is quite a lot of potential. Maybe one day I will get a proper video editing suite on my laptop, although I will need a new laptop for that. Maybe an investment for 2019 if the videos seem popular enough. I do plan to add to this video tomorrow. I also need to to pack up and post Oakley’s portrait tomorrow. 

Mondays are also my nordic walking days. Sets me up for a week of painting my pet portraits. I hopefully will be able to get two in a week soon. I find them so invigorating and motivating.

I have uploaded some more testimonials for recent pet portraits if you fancy a read to hear what my satisfied clients had to say visit my client quote page