I have finally completed Milo’s portrait. I am so pleased with it. I just hope Charley is when I give it to her as it is supposed to be a surprise and I am not used to surprise hand overs with my pet portraits that is for sure!

I would love to share it with you too, but unfortunately you are going to have to wait until the documentary is released on Channel 4. When I have some more information I will be sure to let you all know. For the time being I don’t even know what time or where I am supposed to had it over. Apparently it is Saturday, but I have no time or destination yet!!

Anyway I will share a little sneak peak for you. You will never guess how gorgeous he is from this little photo!

milo sneak peak

How gorgeous are his eyes?

Tomorrow I will have the task of framing his portrait. I am going to take photos and write about how I do this for a client who needs to frame one of my paintings. Remember Rosie I sent her portrait to them in time for a birthday and another frame to let the recipient know they were getting another portrait. Rather than send the frame back to me I have posted the portrait along with all the bits they need to frame it, but they need instructions I thought it would be good opportunity to share it with you. Might be quite an interesting read. Keep your eye open for that post!

You can now view Milo’s finished portrait here