So Rebus and Geddys pet portrait is all finished and it is on to the gorgeous Molly. Can’t really share the progress of her painting as she is another gift. Certainly not on social media, but I doubt very much the recipient will stumbme across it on here. I hope not anyway!

I wouldn’t say Molly has pure white fur, but she has very pale cream fur, which in my book is just as tricky to recreate. I know I repeat it in my blogs a lot but I was having a conversation with a friend the other day explaining why I find white harder than black fur to recreate. The biggest reason as it doesn’t seem to pick up the sheen black fur does, therefore I find their coats can almost look duller, less colourful. Saying that I have no trouble using at least 10 colours in creating whitish fur in my pet portraits. Below you can see the initial selection I picked out before I started work and this will no doubt be added to as the painting progresses!