Albie, was my subject today. I have manged to work well on him. It has taken a good 10 hours work but his portrait is complete.

I have never drawn a Shar Pei before, but I loved capturing all his wrinkles and almost little frown! It is a small painting, 10×8 inches, and he is going to go in a gold frame chosen by client to match a previous pet portrait he had done. Not by me though!

I have emailed my client and I am just awaiting approval.

I had a frame delivery today and unfortunately a frame was damaged and I have had to reorder, so instead of spending the afternoon framing my double dog portrait I continued working on Albie. My client was very understanding luckily and she will be taking the painting to Germany with her in three weeks, so we do have time on our side to order another and get it framed. I know need to find somewhere to store the huge box the frame came in. Living in a small cottage can be tricky sometimes.

Anyway when I have received approval from my client I will share Albie’s portrait with you!

I am now going to chill out for the evening and think about my next commission.