Well I am used to working on my own, but every now and then one of my furbabies likes to join me. Mainly Murray. Does any one else have a cat that goes from room to room. So for 2-3 weeks he will sleep in the bedroom, then maybe Nicola’s bedroom, then Leo’s bedroom, then the living room on rotation. Now it appears to be my studio. Every time I leave he jumps in my chair. After evicting him he decided that I didn’t need personal space while I was working. See right up close and personal. He is still in there now even though I have packed up for the day. Best make sure I remember and don’t lock him in.



I love that cat so much. I might have to add free cat fur with every portrait ordered from now on hahaha!!

I started the triple sheep commission today. It is great fun to do something different. It has really taken alot of concentration. It is hard to get the texture of their fleece correct. I think this could be an intense portrait, but I relish the challenge! Here you can see the progress I have made today and a close up of the white sheep head.

20171215_160728 20171215_123024


I can’t wait the see what this portrait looks like when it is all finished and framed up!