But the work won’t stop for me! The kids will be off for two weeks so it will be a little bit disjointed due to various interruptions and wars etc. I am hoping my husband distracts them, but that will probably be wishful thinking.

I have been juggling the two cat portraits this week Their colouring is fairly similar overall, one has more tabby markings than the other but I am using much of the same colours, albeit in a different order, to create their paintings. I would like to get them finished this week and get started on some of the old faithful canines. Talking about dogs, I am so puppy broody it is insane. I am always puppy broody, but it has gone through the roof recently. Must mean it is nearly time for a little addition to the family hahaha.

For anyone who is interested here is a little time lapse of some of Miss Maples portrait. I hope to add another later today. I hope you enjoy these as I have fun making them. I would like to adjust the frame rate, so I think that is today’s little project.


And here is the time lapse – wrong video!